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What are the future challenges for your supply chain?   
Our challenges are to transform our supply chain in order to sustainably improve the availability of our products, while reducing our inventory levels, our logistics costs and our CO2 emissions.  
For this, we focus our work on 3 families of levers :

  • Develop supply chain model that support service offering that meet the different customer expectations.
  • Accelerate the spread of culture of operational excellence within the supply chain teams.
  • Simplify, modernize and digitize our Supply Chain processes.

Why are you involved in the Supply Chain of the Future Chair?   
Faced with these challenges, our participation in the supply chain of the future chair will allow us to accelerate the development of our skills on key subjects :

  • Supply chain model,
  • the use of artificial intelligence in supply chain,
  • Knowledge of CO2 reduction levers…

It will also make it possible to enhance our teams by sharing with the chair the main advances on subjects of common interest.

The Chair of École des Ponts gives us the opportunity to explore with other leading manufacturers and a renowned school the ways in which new technologies and the evolution of our ecosystems can transform our Supply Chain for our customers, our employees and the planet. With this partnership, Michelin's Supply Chain is accelerating and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Pierre-Martin Huet
Supply Chain Director for Michelin


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