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What are the future challenges for your supply chain?  
We must reinvent our automotive supply chain to meet challenges (regulations, environment, consumption patterns,...) and deal with recurring hazards. 
To do this we are building an end-to-end supply chain, integrating all players, based on extensive traceability and decision support tools based on artificial intelligence. 
We are creating more value for our customers and for Renault Group while reducing costs, inventory and our environmental footprint. 
This transformation is accompanied by new modes of operation (autonomy, agility, collaboration,...) and a strengthening of skills. 
Why are you involved in the Supply Chain of the Future Chair?  
The Renault Supply Chain wishes to build an ecosystem to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The chair makes it possible to develop links with the academic world and other leading companies in their categories. Through its balanced program, between actions for students, benchmarks and research, the chair confronts us with external views and brings us operational improvements leads…

Over the past 5 years, our innovations have been fueled by sharing ideas within the Chair. Topics such as AI, risk management, decarbonization and new ways of working are at the heart of our common concerns. We're looking forward to extending our experience and sharing with new partners, as well as collaborating with students to imagine together the Supply Chain of the future.

 Denis Le Vot
 Chief Supply Chain Officer Renault Group


Activities that bring together scientific, technological, organisational, social and environmental challenges